The Arachova is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, and annually receives more than 300.000 tourists.

Most of the tourist accommodation has been recently renovated and upgraded with modern facilities and high standards. It is equipped with a special label operation GNTO and belong to the following types:

  • Hotels (classic, traditional hostels, cottage, etc.)
  • Rooms
  • Sustainable tourist accommodation (tourist homes and tourist villas)
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  • HotelParnassia(Phone number:2267029245-6 FAX:2267029143)
  • Hostel"Υ Άmbolis"(Phone number:22670 32113 Mobile phone:6977 822627)
  • Hostel"Petrino"(Phone number:2670-31384 FAX:22670-32663 Mobile phone:6977512613)
  • Hostel"Εκγαρσιος"(Phone number(Hostel): 2267031810 Phone number(Tavern): 2267032644 Mobile phone: 6937772479)
  • Fun

    The nightlife in Arachova especially on weekends and holidays is very intense, covering all tastes of residence - food - entertainment, with local participants and visitors of all ages and social classes.

    In the evening, Arachova preety as never before welcomes you to get toknow her better. Whatever your plans for your night are, you have several options on how to start and on how you will eventually close the conclusion of a wonderful evening. From Taverns and restaurants for gourmets, Bars and nightclubs for unsettled, or a simple walk for the romantics, Arachova will match all throughout the day and night.

    Featured parts of entertainment!

  • Tavern Fterollaka(Phone number:2267032556)
  • Τavern Κaplano(Phone number:2267031891)
  • Τavern Archontio(Phone number:2267031631)
  • Opa-Opa Club
  • (Phone number:2267032727)

  • Snow me Club
  • (Mobile phone:6944341317)

  • PetraCafe-Restaurant
  • (Phone number:2267031056)