Arachova has a wonderful climate with cool summers, wetter autumn and heavy winter. The combination of tradition, landscape and magnificent view makes the atmosphere indescribable.

Walk through the streets, organize various activities and excursions to nearby villages, try the superb cuisine in one of the traditional Taverns.

If you wish adrelanine-lifting vacations , get organized and start your day in the ski resort, then walking or climbing on the slopes of Mount Parnassos and enjoy nature in all its glory. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the surrounding villages, which are so beautiful and scenic and the archaeological sites of Delphi.

Visit the Monastery of Saint Luke, located on the western slope of Mount Helicon, one of the most important examples of Byzantine art in Greece with frescoes dating from the 10th century AD

In your way to the ski resorts, pass by the village Korykeio Andro. Take photos of the cave with stalactites and if you like walking, try going there on foot from Delphi through a magnificent course on the mountain ridges. The view is amazing and you can afterwards relax and have a good breakfast at the appropriately adapted outdoor places and satisfy your thirst with tap water from natural sources.